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            Anhui Guozhen Health Services Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

           Anhui Guozhen Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and mainly focuses on investment, construction and management of health industry and its related service industry. Responding to the emerging requirements of the society, the company has put forward its own health concept, i.e. mind purification, health guide, green food, health maintenance and back to nature. While taking disease prevention, fighting against aging and nurturing the body and soul as its goal, the strategic transition of Guozhen Real Estate and Guozhen Health Building as its basis, the company has combined Chinese traditional medical essence and modern medical tests and equilibrium intervention treatment technology, aiming at creating a system which integrates physical examination, health assessment and intervention, plus a platform which provides high-end physical tests, equilibrium intervention, TCM physical therapy, athletic rehabilitation, nutritious diet, high-end apartment and private health maintenance theme club and providing one-stop health maintenance service for medium-and-high-end customers. Within the next three to five years, the company will strive to get listed and step into the international world as a famous group company.


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