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                Anhui Dongfang Xu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd


               Anhui Dongfang Xu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. joined Guozhen Group and became a member of the group in May 2012. Dongfang Xu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd locates at No. 21 Fozhang Road, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Guozhen Group, with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. It a national key enterprise focusing on the production of high and medium voltage vacuum breaker, vacuum load switch, complete switch equipment and electrical engineering construction. The company is now provided with over 115 employees, including 21 professional technicians, accounting for more than 18% of its personnel,
           whose main products include ZW 7-40.5, ZW 8-12, ZW 32-12, ZW 43-12, ZN 12-40.5, VS 1-12, ZN 28-12 outdoor and indoor vacuum circuit breaker, FZW port - 40.5 and FZW 32 - 12 vacuum load switch; KYN 61-40.5, KYN 28-12, GG 1A-12, SAFE-12, DFW-12, GGD, JP cabinet and other complete switch equipment.
          Quality is the key for the involvement of enterprises in market competition. Dongfang Xu company has obtained ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in year 2002, and been in strict accordance with the management system during its production and management process thereafter.  At the meantime, we take scientific and technological innovation as the Foundation for the life of our enterprise, so the company is provided with strong technical and R&D capabilities; also, we entered product co-production agreements with ABB and other internationally well-known Electrical Manufacturers, introducing new products pf domestically and internationally advanced levels, so as to enhance the technology content of our own products.
          Dongfang Xu company follows the tenet "Industrial development to serve the country and contributions to the society" and the spirits "Integrity and Diligence &Frugality, Competition and Innovation" of Guozhen Group, fully utilizes advanced process and inspection equipment to build a brilliant furture with our own efforts under the belief that we will certainly win the market with our quality products and all-dimensional services!

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